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GIS a short introduction chapter 2

  • Mind the Gap
    • Human Geographers and GIS Scientists did not work together until around 1980
    • Human Geographers only saw the short comings of GIS and did not see any benefit to their field
    • Human Geographers decided that GIS would be good for routing trucks for businesses but not for any social issues.
    • At this point it was not accessible to everyone.
    • GIS is marketed for enhancing understanding and increase peoples control over their lives.
    • As non-profit groups started using GIS they began to make maps pertaining to political issues.
  • Epistemology and Ontology in GIS
    • Epistemology is the methods we use to study the world
    • Ontology is what something really is
    • Epistemology and Ontology work together to make GIS useful.
  • Data Models
    • Split maps into sections
  • Basic Vector Data
    • Basis of all maps
  • Field Data Models
    • Contain information about a whole area
  • Object Data Models
    • Show objects
  • Each of these have their own benefits and weaknesses

Schuurman Chapter 1

I have been using GIS applications everyday without even knowing it. Not only do I use it by my GPS but I also use it to find places of interest that are around me. I use apps on my phone like:

urban spoon




These applications that I rely on daily use a set of maps that use layers to find nearby businesses that users can search.